There are around 26.6 million homes in the UK, only a handful of which meet the standard required to meet govrenment targets of 80% energy reduction by 2050. With rapidly rising energy prices (gas is predicted to roughly double in 4 years) and uncertain energy security, there is an urgent need to reduce our energy consumption and future proof our homes for the long term. 


We use holistic design and innovation to build maximum energy efficiency and sustainability into existingh and new building projects and can provide project managemnet to ensure all projects are carried out to specification. If you are looking for professional project managment, independent advise or guidance on achieving energy efficiency and long term reduction and cost savings. Contact:


Thermal Imaging 

Thermal imaging is a very powerful tool that helps to find and identify hidden problems in a non-destructive way. 

Thermal imaging is being used increasingly for building compliance testing. It has been used to find leaks in underfloor heating pipes and to correct underfloor hetaing zone set up. 


  • Gold Standard Survey
  • Silver Standard Survey
  • Bronze Standard Survey
  • BREEAM Survey 


Building Surveys 

We carry out building surveys, mainly from an energy efficiency perspective, to identify areas of heat loss using thermal imaging to identify these areas. From the initial survey full reposrts are produced detaling areas of concern and advise is given on how to address these issues with recommendations of suitable materials and detail drawings to demonstrate these areas and how they can be treated.


In a number of cases, the initial survey has identified other problems with buildings such damp and building fabric failure due to poor workmanship and poor design of the building in question. Without the inital survey these issues may not have been discovered until they had become more serious so identifying them at an early stahe has enabled relatively minor repairs to be carried out to eliminate the issues svaing considerably on future repair costs. To request examples of surveys contact: 


Energy Audits 

Each property is unique with different people, occupancy and requirements. The building are different from size, orientation and construction type. There is no 'one size fits all' for any home so each one has to be delat with as an individual. 


We can provide an ernergy audit that takes into account the whole  property from the building type,the appliances, hetaing systems, the occupants and the way they use the building, to utility bills and insulations levels. We can also offer independent advise on renewables energies such as solar PV, wind turbines and heat pumps. From a full aduit recommendtaions can be made that will help to reduce the energy consumption of the home and save money. 


Energy audits cost from £300 (plus travel expenses  outside a 10 mile radius, 45p per mile or bus/train fares) the inital survey, which includes thermal imaging if the weather is suitable, will take up to 2 hours to complete with a full repoart forwarded within a few days.


If planning a new build, extension, or any other work on a property, we can carry out all design work with our in house arvitect or work with your architect or builder to advise on designing or building in energy efficiency, project management can also be offered as required. CVonsultancy costs £35 per hour plus addtional expenses for site visits etc.



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